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With the increase in burglary whether it is at home or office, a smart home security camera would be an awesome tool for keeping an eye on your assets from far away. Not only will you be able to catch burglar’s red handed but you will also be able to keep an eye on your kids and pets.

Smart Home Security Camera Picture 1As can be expected, not all security cameras are made equal, but all have one thing in common to surveil one’s property whether it is from a recorded video (which you can watch at a later stage) or through a live feed using your Smart Phone, Personal Computer or Tablet. Some other benefits from these surveillance cameras are automated alarms, push notifications, two-way audio streams and some even go the extra mile as a home automation hub (controlling multiple connected gadgets from one simple app).

Apart from these benefits not everyone desires a surveillance camera that’s bulky and can be seen one’s you entered the room. Depending on your needs, external surveillance cameras would obviously be bigger (make sure to check the specifications that it is water resistant) while the indoor surveillance cameras should look attractive and small enough to capture the largest area of the room.

Some manufacturers even give their clients phone support which could be beneficial for the buyer especially if there are some instructions that he/she don’t understand.

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Other important factors to consider when shopping for a smart home security camera

The resolution will always play a major role in any device that can capture and record videos. The higher the resolution, the better the picture quality will be. Most cameras with a digitally zoomed lens has a general standard resolution of 1080p while only a few other home surveillance cameras have optical zoom lenses. Megapixels are a term used for describing the picture quality and an image which is made out of millions of pixels/dots. The more megapixels a camera have, the better and clearer you’ll be able to view the image, even when it has been zoomed in on.

Newer types of surveillance cameras have wide angle view, and the focus area will be between 100 and 180 degrees. Should you need a larger focus area, you would probably need to position the camera in the furthest corner of the room or consider buying one with a larger viewpoint.

Should I Go With Wi-Fi or Bluetooth?

Smart Home Security Camera Picture 3Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are the two most commonly used ways to connect these home security cameras. The latter would be the easier way to setup allowing the camera and your Smart Phone to pair. The disadvantage of Bluetooth: You need to be in a certain range (typically about 30 feet) to connect the two devices. Wi-Fi, on the other hand, will be a bit trickier to connect, but the advantages will be of greater benefit.

Most home security cameras have their own mobile applications, once connected you will be able to monitor any activity from your Tablet, Smart Phone or PC using a browser.

Cloud Hosting

Storing these recorded video’s can take up plenty of space on your hard drive. Making things easier most companies offer Cloud Storage space to store these files for a future date. Some cameras even have the potential for automatic backup to your favorite cloud storage provider.

Smart Home Security Camera Picture 4Some service providers only offer free backup up to a certain time or a certain amount of space. After this period or if the amount of space has been depleted, you will probably be offered a paid subscription. These subscriptions can be monthly, quarterly and even yearly depending on the service provider. Advantages of Cloud Storage Space: Depending on the subscription you can usually store amounts of up to 200 Gig of data without the fear of losing important footage that you may need for future reference.

Prices of these home surveillance cameras can vary from one another. Depending on your budget and need, you should be able to find a good reliable home camera that will accommodate your pocket.


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