How to Learn Definitions Using Cortana in Windows 10

Are you unsure of the meaning of a particular word? Would you like to learn the definition, without the need to fumble around to open up a web page or need for opening a reference book? Now you can, by knowing these simple words to ask Cortana – and learn the definitions of any words that you do not know what they mean.

Since Cortana has many other uses including being able to check the weather or sending emails, one of the biggest functions available for use is the excellent and easy way that you can find out definitions to words by using the look-up feature. How is Cortana able to do this you ask? It is quite simple actually – as Cortana is powered by the Oxford Dictionaries – letting you know that the smart-powered AI assistant means business when it comes to defining words.

Moreover, with the multiple different ways that you can use Cortana to learn the definition of a word, let us take a look at how to learn definitions using Cortana in Windows 10

Learn Definitions Using Cortana’s Voice Recognition

With multiple ways that you can ask Cortana to define a word if you have the Hey Cortana voice recognition enabled, all you have to do is blurt out one of the following lines to get an answer to your request:

“Hey Cortana define soliloquy.

“Hey Cortana what is the definition/meaning of vicarious.

What if you do not have a mic and can’t use Cortana’s voice recognition? You just have to type in your request to the “Ask me anything” bar to get the answer. Although this takes away from the fun out of using the personal digital assistant.

1. Left-Click on the “Ask me anything” bar beside the Start Menu button.


Learn Definitions Using Cortana Step 1


2. Type in one of the following to get Cortana’s response with a definition card, “What is the meaning of pavilion” or “Define anhydrous”. Of course, you can replace the word you want to; I was just using these as a reference.


Learn Definitions Using Cortana Step 2


Sometimes, though, Cortana will open up a web page when you click on the definition link if it misunderstands you or does not have the definition you have requested. There is not really much else to say about this feature, other than Cortana can help you be more productive in your day – especially if you are currently writing.

Ask Cortana Feature in Microsoft Edge

The most compelling benefit to learning definitions using Cortana is if you are using the Microsoft Edge browser to read articles or catch up on the latest news. All you have to do is a couple of clicks of your mouse and Cortana will grab the definition for you and display it in a slide-out window on the right-hand side.

1. To find the meaning of the word you want, highlight the entire word.


Learn Definitions Using Cortana in Microsoft Edge Step 1


2. Right-click on that highlighted word using your mouse.


Learn Definitions Using Cortana in Microsoft Edge Step 2


3. Left-click on Ask Cortana


Learn Definitions Using Cortana in Microsoft Edge Step 3


The greatest benefit of this is that you will not be interrupted with yet another browser tab that opens which disrupts your reading. Instead, Cortana will just pop right in, provide you with the definition you requested, and disappear once completed. Making it, quick, easy, and straight to the point. Moreover, there is a bonus feature that as you can see, provides you with a Play button beside the definition which you can press to hear how the word is pronounced:


Learn Definitions Using Cortana in Microsoft Edge Play Button


Do you have any other Cortana tips or tricks that would be useful and beneficial for others? Share them in the comments below!

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