CCleaner for Android – Efficiently Clean and Speed Up Your Android Device

With millions of PC and Mac users who use CCleaner on a regular basis as their preferred choice for a system cleaning utility, you can now get CCleaner for Android and efficiently clean and speed up your Android device – whether that be an Android phone or tablet.

Brought to you by the makers over at Piriform, who also made CCleaner for Windows and MacOS, this Android app does not boost any wild accusations about how useful it can be but instead provides genuinely good results why ensuring that it always completes the job at hand. Moreover, they must be doing something right – as their Android app has over 10 million downloads worldwide!

Are you ready to keep your Android device clean, safe, and fast? Then you might want to give CCleaner a try today – you might just like it as much as me.


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CCleaner for Android

Platform: Android

Price: Free version and paid pro version also available

Download Page


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CCleaner Features


  • Remove junk safely and speed up your phone or tablet.
  • Clean application cache, browser history, download folders, clipboard content and more.
  • Delete SMS messages and call logs individually, in bulk, by contact or by age.
  • Easily uninstall unwanted apps to reclaim storage space.
  • Monitor battery levels and temperatures of your Android device.
  • Easy to use and navigate through the user interface
  • No Ads – That’s right! This app is totally ad-free!


Why I prefer using CCleaner for Android?

CCleaner for Android Quick Clean WidgetLike the original CCleaner, one of the world’s most used and favorite PC optimization tool, CCleaner for Android comes with a simple and intuitive UI so that anyone can optimize their Android device with just a few simple clicks. Not only that but with one simple click, you can safely remove the junk that accumulates on your Android device that is causing your device to slow down.

I even love the fact that CCleaner has its own quick clean widget that allows you to create a home-screen widget to clean the junk on your device, including the clipboard, Web browser history, the cache, and other processes without even having to launch the app. Can’t get much better than that! It really is simple, straightforward and easy to use – so easy in fact that I’m willing to bet that regardless of your tech skill level, everyone can benefit from using this system cleaning utility.

After all, don’t you want to keep your Android device running smooth at all times? Thereby saving you the frustrations of wanting to whip your phone or tablet against the wall when it slows right down? Then CCleaner is what you need!

Are you ready to download and install CCleaner for Android and give it a try? Here’s how:

How to Download CCleaner for Android

Just like downloading other Android apps, you can download CCleaner for Android from the Google Play Store – and download it for free! Also, this app is totally ad-free! There is a pro version that you can buy, though, which is how Piriform makes their money.

Once you download, install and open the app on your Android device, you will be greeted by the main cleaner screen (see screenshot below).


CCleaner for Android Screenshot


Downloading & Installing CCleaner

For those that might need the steps to follow to download and install this system cleaning app, follow these steps:

1. Locate the “Google Play Store” app on your device and tap on it to continue.


Download and Install CCleaner for Android Step 1


2. Tap on the “Search” box, once the “Play Store” app opens.


Download and Install CCleaner for Android Step 2


3. Start typing in the word, “CCleaner” (without the quotes) and tap on CCleaner.


Download and Install CCleaner for Android Step 3


4. Tap on the “Install” button


Download and Install CCleaner for Android Step 4


5. Tap on the “Accept” button and wait for CCleaner to download and install on your Android device.


Download and Install CCleaner for Android Step 5


6. Tap on the “Open” button once the CCleaner app has finished downloading and installing to launch the app (See screenshot above “Downloading and installing CCleaner” for what you main screen should look like).


Want to learn how master using CCleaner for Android to efficiently clean and speed up your Android device? Check back soon, as I will be writing up a little guide (with a YouTube video) to make it so that if you decide on using CCleaner, you will know how to use the app with ease.

Do you use a different system cleaning app on your Android device to keep it clean, safe, and fast? If so, let us know in the comments below which one you use and why you like using it.

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