National Password Day: Get Motivated to Stay Safe Online with Betty White

I had no idea today (May 5, 2016) is National Password Day, did you? Living legend and nonagenarian actress Betty White did! Not only does she know that, but she also has some racy advice to give to make sure that you keep your digital stuff safe while being online.

Are you ready to get motivated with a pep talk from Betty White to keep your password protected? Well, then you are in luck, as the team from partnered up with Betty to create a series of funny, suggestive, and informational videos towards promoting ways in which you can keep your password protected.

Just check out this video below, “Love is a Battlefield” and you might be surprised, just as I was, to hear the “F” word featured in this video, which might just make it the first educational and instructional video to feature such a word.



What exactly are these “pep talks” with Betty about?

They go on to talk about how you can protect your information from prying eyes by using two-factor authentication. Having just a password you use would be considered the normal standard one-factor authentication. However, would that be enough in today’s world of cybercrime? My answer is no, it is not!

That is why I would have to agree with Betty that two-factor authentication the new line of defense to combat cybercrime today. Why would I say that you ask, however? It is quite simple actually, as two-factor authentication not only requires you to have your standard password but that it also must include another element, like your face, fingerprints or even a pin code that would be sent to a separate device, such as a tablet or smartphone.

With there being many victims of hacks, not only to normal people but especially all the times this happens to celebrities over the years, it makes you wonder what they all had in common, doesn’t it? The answer to that is – weak passwords. So, to have a celebrity, who is not only very wise but also a senior to deliver racy and humorous advice about password security, is a stroke of genius in my eyes.

Are you doing everything you can to keep one step ahead of hackers by practicing strong password security with two-factor authentication? If you are not – I strongly suggest you up your game. If Betty can do it, so can you!


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