How to Change Language in Windows 10

If you are a Windows 7 user that recently upgrade to Windows 10, you might have difficulties navigating through the various changes to find “Change Language Settings.” Should that be the case, this how to change the language in Windows 10 tutorial will suit whatever your language preference may be.

While English is still recognized as an International language around the world today, there are still many that don’t feel comfortable in writing, speaking and reading English, as it is not their native tongue. Moreover, for those of you in which this statement is both accurate and true, let us take a look at how you can set up your native language as the default language on your Windows 10 PC.


Here’s my video on how to change language in Windows 10


Here is my step-by-step guide on installing your desired language in Windows 10


To change the default language in Windows 10 to the desired language of your choice, whether it is your native tongue or not, you will want to:


1. Left-click on the Start Menu in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen.


change default language step 1


2. Then, left-click on Settings.


change default language step 2


3. Next, you will want to select “Time & language”, by left-clicking on it.


change default language step 3


4. Left-click on “Region & Language” in the left pane area.


change default language step 4


5. Underneath the word “Languages” you will want to left-click on “Add a language.”


change default language step 5


6. Once the new pop-up window opens, you will be given the various languages that are available and can be installed on your computer. Just left-click on the language you want, and it will start downloading.


change default language step 6


7. Now, go back to the “Time & Language” screen and left-click on the language you selected to see the additional option buttons, “Set as Default,” “Options”, and “Remove.”


change default language step 7


8. Left-click on “Options” and then left-click on the download button underneath “Download language pack”. By default, the QWERTY keyboard will already be downloaded for you, but you do have options to add a special keyboard layout (if applicable).


change default language step 8


How to set your desired language as the default language


Now that we have installed and downloaded the desired language that you wish to you, we need to set it as the default language for your computer. To do that, we simply:


9. Left-Click on the back arrow at the top beside the word “Settings” to go back to the previous .


change default language step 9


10. Left-Click on the language you selected to bring up the additional buttons and left-click the “Set as default” box.


change default language step 10


Note: To makes these changes active and take effect you will have to sign out of your computer and then sign back in. You can always change the default language at any time from the settings panel or remove it by left-clicking on the remove button.

I hope this helped you to change the default language on your PC successfully. Now if English is not your native tongue or you need to communicate with people in their language, you can do that too. After all, most people do know more than one language today.

If you do have any problems in following any of my steps, please let me know in the comments below and I’d be more than happy to help you out.


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